Sylvie Trenciansky Delaby - Artiste Peintre

Sylvie TRENCIANSKY - Artiste Peintre
(Hérault - Languedoc-Roussillon)

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Sylvie Trenciansky-Delaby was born in Soissons, France in 1957.

Energetic and sports oriented, Sylvie spent her childhood and teenage years practicing gymnastics. Her commitment was awarded by various medals and she and her team received the title of champion of France  for « the Soissonnaise ».

Meanwhile,  Sylvie's interest in anything  creative and artistic, be it  painting, drawing, sculpture or mosaic, flourished into what is now her passion.

She has been living in the south of France for twenty years now, and  has devoted herself to painting.
After experimenting with many different techniques, Sylvie Trenciansky-Delaby now concentrates on oil painting. She has chosen to use a painting knife which allows textured, impasto work, color overlayings, transparancy and crisp, accurate strokes.

  • She is able to express emotions, glorify the marvels of nature and to make light sparkle in order to create warm, glowing compositions. By blurring the details in her work, Sylvie only suggests, and lets the viewer imagine the shapes and their outlines. exagerating the force of colors She likes charm and elegance.
    In all of her paintings the artist aspires to the expression of beauty, to telling a tale with infinite delicacy, with love and with respect.

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