Sylvie Trenciansky Delaby - Artiste Peintre

Sylvie TRENCIANSKY - Artiste Peintre
(Hérault - Languedoc-Roussillon)

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my Concept

It's the knife painting technique that enabled me to find my own artistic voice; of course it took time and patience.

The effects of matter and depth in my work are various and mainly depend on:

the size of the painting knife,
the amount of paint applied,
the angle of the knife with respect to the canvas,
the different mediums, materials and oils added,
the pressure applied to the canvas,
the speed of the stroke.


One characteristic of my technique is that I always paint « wet on wet ».


In these intense moments, time stops, nothing else matters.  Only  the relationship between the canvas, the colors and the artist  counts.
I need to feel the paint, the color, the heavy textures; to add oils, mediums and to play with my painting knife in active yet accurate movements.

It's not the subject matter that is important to me, but rather the continual study of the world of color. My artwork begins with drafts that I combine, I try to be creative in the way I paint; I avoid repetition and its dreariness.
The colors that are chosen and spread on the palette are worked at length until the desired shade of tones is obtained. The preparations for shade,  light, colors suggesting distance, the tawny colors for the foreground, cover my palette.


The canvas and the palette come together as one.

The canvas, already prepared with drawings, permits the sudden creation of the moment; everything must take place promptly.
Magic occurs; the colors are placed rapidly onto the  white canvas, I unite them, I successively layer them, making sure they stay unaltered. I sometimes dress the canvas with glitter, ribbon, gold sheets, pigments, cristals, and pearls, giving importance to every effect of light with a harmonious range of colors.


A revelation of intense sensibility, energy and subtlety springs out of this work. Each painting conveys an emotion, a state of mind, an aesthetic quality.

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